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Summer 2020

What is Emergency Medical Services (EMS)?

EMS is an intersection where Public Health, meets Public Safety, meets Medicine, meets Medical Transport (emergent and non-emergent).  We respond to EVERYTHING.

What is the Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Training Program?

The training program for Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT's) has an overall objective to improve the quality of pre-hospital emergency care rendered to victims of accidents and sudden illness. As such, the course develops skills in symptom recognition and in all emergent and non-emergent care procedures and techniques currently considered to be within the responsibilities of an EMT providing emergency medical care and transport with an ambulance service.



                                                                  Perseverance, Respect, Integrity, Determination, Excellence

What sets us apart from the rest?

Our course consists of 35 lessons involving 160 hours of classroom, lecture, hands-on practical scenarios, 24 hours of online and supplemental certification courses, and 16 hours of field observation and training for a total program of 200 hours.  The curriculum meets and/or exceeds the National EMS Education Standards and Mass OEMS AR 2-200 and is taught by a state approved EMT Instructor/Coordinator.


This course has been developed for all individuals desiring to perform emergency medical care with an ambulance service or requirement for a clinical setting. No prior experience or training is required of the course applicant. In order to be eligible for National and State EMT certification examination, applicants must:

  • be able to read, understand, and communicate in English;

  • be 17 years of age (must be 18 years of age to take NREMT certification exams);

  • must have a valid driver’s license or valid government issued identification (passport) prior to taking this course;

  • be free from addiction to alcohol or any drug;

  • be able to lift and carry 125 pounds;

  • be free from any physical or mental defect or disease which might impair his/her ability to provide emergency care within the scope of the EMTs training and responsibilities, or which might jeopardize the health of another member of the class;

  • have internet access.

Field Rotation

Students may have the opportunity to conduct their 16-hour Field Rotation with some of the busiest EMS agencies in the Commonwealth.  This is usually done towards the end of the program and helps to "tie it all together" for the students.  It also provides them with an opportunity to not only see what day-to-day life is like in the field of EMS, but also to give them an opportunity to practice being an EMT while being directly supervised by two experienced providers in high volume systems.



The student must successfully complete and pass all components of the course (including 100% attendance), tuition and exam fees must be paid in full (prior to the completion of the course) in order to be able to sit for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts EMT Practical Exam and the

National Registry of EMT’s Cognitive Exam.

Tuition Information

Cost of the program is $1,800.00.  This includes books, materials, and uniform shirt.

Tuition does not include examination and/or state certification fees.


Examination Fees:

NREMT Cognitive (Written) Examination Fee:  $104.00

Commonwealth of Massachusetts Psychomotor (Practical) Examination Fee:  $225.00

State Certification Fee:  Varies by state


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